Tools & Templates

Have you seen our HARPS Fact Sheet? 

This Fact Sheet has been developed to provide an update and answer frequently asked questions from the recent HARPS awareness sessions.

Mass Balance

This refers to accounting for all sales, losses and storage of a given quantity or production. The HARPS Technical Advisory Group (H-TAG) have worked together to develop the Mass Balance Fact Sheet to assist you with calculating mass balance and explaining why mass balance calculation is so important.

Decision Graphic

A Decision Graphic has been developed to assist suppliers in determining whether their business requires HARPS. The terminology in this graphic replaces the previous references to ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ suppliers, and uses a tiering system to define supply chain responsibilities and actions required by suppliers.

HARPS Extension and Exemption Request Form

Please download and complete the process as described on this form prior to emailing it to HARPS for an Extension or Exemption Request. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

HARPS Example Templates

The templates provided below are for guidance only. Each business should either develop their own checklists or adapt the templates provided to reflect the specific activities conducted by the business. The use of these guidance templates will not affect the HARPS audit outcome, they are simply to provide assistance.

To view/download simply click on your preferred file type.

Approved Supplier Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Shelf Life Testing Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Training Matrix and Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Label Check Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Return to Work Policy (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Return to Work Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Equipment Register (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Glass and Hard Plastic Register (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Equipment Glass Hard Plastic Condition Report (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Equipment Maintenance Log (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Tool Issue and Return Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Field Bin and Pallet Inspection (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Cleaning and Sanitation Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Product Testing Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Exclusion Period Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Calibration and Weight Check Record (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel

Food Fraud Assessment (HARPS Example) – PDF – Excel