In 2012 Horticulture Australia Ltd initiated a project to harmonise food safety certification requirements for the major retailers in Australia. The result of this project is the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme (HARPS).

HARPS is a retailer-led scheme designed to assist with compliance to food safety, legal and trade legislation for suppliers to the major grocery retailers in Australia.

Established with the goal of providing a more practical and comprehensive approach, HARPS has the ability to streamline the amount of work undertaken during the audit process. While the amount will differ between businesses, for those currently audited to multiple schemes for multiple customers, one base scheme plus HARPS means the audit duration will reduce, hence overall audit costs should also reduce.

The HARPS Project Team have recently completed a series of awareness sessions around the country covering several major growing areas along with the major central markets. Click here to view a copy of the HARPS awareness session presentation. If you were unable to attend a session, or, if you were able to attend but would like to hear the information again, click here to view a recording of our HARPS awareness webinar.

Are you looking for the HARPS Extension & Exemption Request Form?

This can be found, along with other useful material, on our Tools & Templates page.

We’ve been running a series of HARPS Training Sessions across the country!

Want to know more about our HARPS Training? Click here for more information or to register your interest for a HARPS Training session near you.

Since the launch of HARPS in October 2016, more than 1,600 HARPS audits have been conducted.
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