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HARPS Standard Version 2.0

The HARPS Version 2.0 Public Consultation feedback period has now closed.

Due to the volume of feedback received during the Version 2 Public Consultation Period, we will be delaying the proposed 1st March 2021 release date. All information received is undergoing review by the HARPS Technical Advisory Group and Retailer Committee.  We received 78 submissions and would like to thank everyone that provided their feedback and recommendations. We will be working with Hort Innovation over the coming weeks to respond to the feedback received.

We will be circulating an email to all HARPS Newsletter Subscribers about the Version Standard Development, therefore if you would like to be kept up to date by email please click here to subscribe HARPS Mailing List

Scheme Rules Version 1.0

Please ensure you refer to the latest Version Appendix 2.0 by clicking here, and not the Appendix 2 in the current Scheme Rules. This will be combined in Version 2.0 of the Scheme Rules.

HARPS Pre-Assessment Checklist 1.2

PLEASE NOTE: When completing the HARPS Pre-Assessment Checklist please ensure you save the document to your computer. Once you have saved the document, open it from the saved location, complete your checklist and don’t forget to hit save again before you close it. To avoid file confusion it is recommended that you name the file so that it is unique to you/your business and the month/year of completion e.g. HARPS Pre-assessment checklist grower XYZ August 2017.

Decision Graphic

A Decision Graphic has been developed to assist suppliers in determining whether their business requires HARPS. The terminology in this graphic replaces the previous references to ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ suppliers, and uses a tiering system to define supply chain responsibilities and actions required by suppliers.