The HARPS Technical Advisory Group

The HARPS Technical Advisory Group (H-TAG) is responsible for guiding and contributing towards the ongoing development of the HARPS Standard and associated technical documents, such as the Interpretive Guidance document and Scheme Rules.

The H-TAG aims to:

  • Review HARPS Elements: Current elements that have resulted in challenge or complaint are reviewed and amendments proposed to make sure they are practical and realistic;
  • Ongoing Improvement and Root-Cause Analysis: Learn from incidents (including recalls, withdrawals, or major non-conformances) and include proposing improvements in future revisions of HARPS to prevent / reduce the potential impact of any future incidents
  • Industry Approach: Ensure key decisions adopt a “whole of supply chain” and risk-based approach.
  • Horizon Scanning: Discuss upcoming food safety legislation and global issues as well as their impact on the industry.

Current membership is comprised of a broad cross-section of industry representatives, including grower-packers (large and small businesses), marketers, Certification Bodies, food safety scheme representatives, as well as industry association representatives and consultants. All members have deep technical experience from within the fresh produce industry.

We are currently looking for greater participation from Tier 2 growers, for further information or to apply to become a member please contact The chart below shows current industry representation in the H-TAG: