HARPS Version 2.0 Transition Training Videos

A series of videos has been developed to assist Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in transitioning from HARPS Version 1.0 to the Version 2.0 Standard. These short videos, available to access free of charge, provide an overview of changes for each section of the Version 2.0 Standard and are designed to: 

    • Provide an explanation for any structural changes
    • Highlight and explain any new elements
    • Outline elements that have been re-worded for further clarification
    • Deliver further context for areas of focus for implementation
    • Outline any new features of the standard, such as new definitions and terminology used throughout the standard and supporting documents
    • Remind businesses that templates are available for use in the Tools and Templates section on the HARPS website

If you require more comprehensive training on the Version 2.0 Standard, visit the Training Page for further information.

Version 2.0 Background, Scope and Transition

Version 2.0 Structural Changes

Element 1: GFSI Scheme and Approved Suppliers

Element 2: Specifications

Element 3: Retention Samples and Shelf-life

Element 4: HACCP Training

Element 5: Labelling and Packaging

Element 6: Personal Hygiene

Element 7: Recall

Element 8: Allergens

Element 9: Premises, Equipment and Maintenance

Element 10:Cleaning

Element 11:Foreign Object Control

Element 12: Product Testing

Element 13: Growing

Element 14: Calibration and Weight Checks

Element 15: Product sold or given to staff and Element 16: Insurance