Growers and Suppliers should refer to the following document to ensure appropriate selection of a Certification Body (CB) to conduct their HARPS Audit Scheme Rules – Appendix 2 Certification Body Matrix.

The HARPS Participating Retailers decide which CB’s are approved to audit on their behalf. Please refer to the HARPS Decision Graphic to determine which Tier your business falls under.

HARPS Auditor Approval Program

It is important for auditors to accurately and consistently interpret the elements within the HARPS standard. The HARPS Auditor Approval Program has been developed to communicate the fundamentals of the HARPS Scheme, transfer knowledge on current and important issues faced by participating retailers and improve upon the current competency of HARPS auditors.

The program works closely with the HARPS Participating Retailers to build upon auditor competency and capability through carefully considered training and development of both auditors and CB’s. New auditors to HARPS must complete a mandatory training session, which involves an examination followed by a witness audit with a HARPS approved Auditor Assessor.

For further information on becoming a HARPS Certification Body or auditor contact the HARPS Helpline on 1300 852 219