Getting Started

It’s important to determine whether your business requires HARPS. A Decision Graphic has been developed to assist suppliers in making this decision in relation to their specific activities and business relationships they have in place.

Here are a few examples to help assist you with your decision.

Still not sure, call the HARPS Helpline or email for assistance.

What are the Base GFSI Benchmarked Schemes I can choose from?


Why were these schemes selected?

The HARPS participating retailers have selected schemes that are considered best in class. The schemes in the table above are  GFSI benchmarked systems.

What is the GFSI?

Part of the Consumer Goods Forum, The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a member driven, parity-based industry network. GFSI provides thought leadership and guidance on food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain.

(GFSI) is a business-driven initiative for the development of food safety management systems to ensure food facilities are processing safe food for consumers. GFSI “benchmarks” food safety standards, evaluating them against a set of criteria to ensure the core of the standards are equivalent and certification will be acceptable.

My business is already approved to a GFSI scheme, so what now?

If your business is already certified to one of the approved GFSI schemes, you will require HARPS to be added to your next audit. The HARPS audit has been designed to be bolted on to your GFSI scheme audit. The two audits are integrated and ideally should not be conducted separately. The HARPS audit will occur at the same time as each of the regular GFSI scheme audits.

To arrange an audit contact your current audit provider or see a full list of providers here; Scheme Rules Appendix 2

What to expect at the HARPS audit:

The HARPS audit has been designed to be conducted in conjunction with the GFSI scheme audit. The HARPS requirements are a “bolt-on” to the GFSI scheme audit, hence the audit should take place as one seamless process. The HARPS standard is less comprehensive than the GFSI scheme requirements, however, the standard does include additional prescription on elements that can lead to issues such as customer complaints, product withdrawals and product recalls. There is additional focus on areas such as foreign object management, label controls and management of weights and measurement. The auditor will require objective evidence to support your businesses compliance to the requirements of the GFSI scheme as well as the HARPS requirements.

How can I contribute to HARPS?

The HARPS Technical Committee provide technical expertise and advice to the HARPS Stakeholder Working Group. The Technical Committee is open to all industry members who have technical expertise and would like to volunteer to assist in the ongoing development of HARPS.

The group works independently throughout the year on a range of topics decided by the Stakeholder Working Group.

The Technical Committee together to share knowledge and discuss opinions and experiences.

Whilst we’ve currently reached our membership quota, we invite you to complete an application form that we will hold on file until a place becomes available.

To register your interest email .

Next Steps

If your business is not currently aligned to a Certification Body for auditing purposes, or if you would like to review if your current Certification Body is approved to audit HARPS refer to Scheme Rules Appendix 2.

Choose a Certification Body and schedule the audit date by contacting the Certification Body directly. The Certification Body you choose must be:

Approved to audit against the selected external Food Safety Standard; and

Acceptable to all the participating customers/retailers that they currently, or intend, to supply to.

The Audit Process

For further information please refer to the FAQs.