HARPS Newsletter: Special Edition – Version 2.0 Launch

The HARPS Version 2.0 launch date is fast approaching! During the lead up to the launch date, we’ll be sharing the latest information regarding training and support available for the standard’s release. Here, you’ll find key information that relates to the launch of Version 2.0, including the launch date for the standard, transition timelines and an overview of the support available to help your business transition from Version 1.0 to 2.0, with additional guidance for producers currently using Freshcare (FSQ4.2 and SC2) as their GFSI base scheme.

In addition, we’ll provide insight into the behind-the-scenes activities that have been taking place to ensure HARPS delivers a practical and supportive standard to growers, whilst ensuring the food safety, legal and trade requirements of retailers, and ultimately, the consumers are satisfied.

We hope you find this newsletter informative. Feel free to visit the HARPS website www.harpsonline.com.au or call the HARPS Helpline 1300 852 219 for any queries.

HARPS Version 2.0 Launch date and Timeline for Transition

The HARPS Version 2.0 Standard will launch on 17th October 2022 and the HARPS Retailers will start to accept the new standard from this date, with an extended transition timeline for Tier 2 suppliers.

HARPS suppliers have the option of selecting either HARPS Version 1.0 or Version 2.0 for their audits, in accordance with the following timelines:


    • Tier 1 suppliers have six months from 17th October 2022 to transition to the new standard. Therefore, Version 2.0 will become mandatory for Tier 1 suppliers from 17th April 2023 (i.e., from 17th April 2023 Tier 1 suppliers will NOT be able to use HARPS Version 1.0).
    • Tier 2 suppliers will have 12 months to transition to Version 2.0, with a mandatory transition date of 16th October 2023 (i.e., from 16th October 2023 Tier 2 suppliers will NOT be able to use HARPS Version 1.0).

From today, new suppliers (those that have never undergone a HARPS audit before) will be required to have an audit against the Version 2.0 Standard.

Suppliers that can be defined as both Tier 1 and Tier 2, must follow the transition timeline for a Tier 1 supplier.

HARPS Version 2.0 Launch – Media Release

In preparation for the HARPS Version 2.0 launch, a media release has been developed outlining the launch date, transition timeframes and associated information.

Two versions of the media release are available. A short version outlining key dates for the launch, transition timelines and who to contact for information and support. The longer version provides background regarding the development of the Version 2.0 Standard, including the involvement of the HARPS Technical Advisory Group and the specific support and guidance available to Tier 2 suppliers to assist with their transition. To view the media releases click here

Changes to the HARPS website

Document Library

The HARPS document library is where you’ll find all of the Version 2.0 collateral you need to start implementation. Here you’ll find the revised HARPS Standard and Guidance Document. In addition, you’ll find a copy of the Version 2.0 Scheme Rules, and Changes Document. We’ve also developed a Version 2.0 Internal Audit document to support your transition, use of it is not mandatory.

Tools and Templates

All of the existing templates available on this page have been reviewed and updated to ensure they satisfactorily accommodate requirements for Version 2.0. Each form is available to download, free of charge in excel/word or pdf format, and can be adapted to suit the activities conducted by your business.

Training – Transition Videos

A series of videos has been developed to assist Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers transition from HARPS Version 1.0 to the Version 2.0 Standard. These short videos, available to access free of charge, provide an overview of changes for each section of the Version 2.0 Standard and are designed to:

  • Provide an explanation for any structural changes
  • Highlight and explain any new elements
  • Outline elements that have been re-worded for further clarification
  • Deliver further context for areas of focus for implementation
  • Outline any new features of the standard, such as new definitions and terminology used throughout the standard and supporting documents
  • Remind businesses that templates are available for use in the Tools and Templates section on the HARPS website


Training – Version 2.0

Whilst HARPS Version 2.0 training is not mandatory, if you do require more comprehensive training, visit the Training Page for further information. Following a competitive tender process, two businesses have been awarded a contract to deliver HARPS Version 2.0 Training, Fresh Business Training and Quality Associates Training. For information on Version 2.0 Training click here.

Coming soon! Support on the way for businesses on Freshcare