HARPS Newsletter March 2023 Edition

The HARPS Version 2.0 Standard has been live since 17th October 2022, with multiple businesses opting to be audited to the new standard since its launch. Congratulations to these businesses for their swift transition!

In this edition of the HARPS Newsletter, you’ll find information about the new Freshcare and HARPS combined resources. The resources bring together the requirements of the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ4.2) and the Supply Chain Standard 2 (SC2) with the requirements of the HARPS Version 2.0 Standard.

In addition, we’ve provided you with a reminder of the timelines to transition to HARPS Version 2.0 and where you can find support to help with the transition.

Given the popularity of the HARPS Industry Webinar in November 2022, we’ve planned another session for the end of March. During this webinar, we’ll be answering frequently asked questions raised since the launch of the new standard, and once again focus on changes to the HARPS Scheme Rules. This session will also be recorded for those unable to attend.

Feel free to visit the HARPS website www.harpsonline.com.au or call the HARPS Helpline 1300 852 219 for any queries.

HARPS Version 2.0 Transition Timelines
We are approaching the mandatory transition date for Tier 1 suppliers to HARPS Version 2.0 (there is an extended transition timeline for Tier 2 suppliers).

HARPS suppliers have the option of selecting either HARPS Version 1.0 or HARPS Version 2.0 for their audits in accordance with the following timelines:

    • Tier 1: Version 2.0 will become mandatory for Tier 1 suppliers from 17th April 2023. So, from 17th April 2023, Tier 1 suppliers will be unable to use HARPS Version 1.0.
    • Tier 2: Suppliers have 12 months to transition to Version 2.0, with a mandatory transition date of 16th October 2023. So, from 16th October 2023, Tier 1 Suppliers will be unable to use Version 1.0.

In addition:

    • New suppliers (those that have never undergone a HARPS audit before) will be required to have an against the Version 2.0 Standard.
    • Suppliers that can be defined as both Tier 1 and Tier 2, must follow the transition timeline for a Tier 1 Supplier.

Our next online Webinar

On Friday 31st March 2023 HARPS will be hosting an online webinar. This webinar will include some reminders about the collateral and training aids available to you in order to aid your transition to Version 2.0, plus we’ll provide answers to the frequently asked questions we’re receiving via the HARPS Helpline. We’ll also discuss some of the changes to the Version 2.0 Scheme Rules and let you know about a survey we’re conducting, which is aimed at improving your experiences during the HARPS audit.

To register for this event, click here.


Click here to view the previous webinar.

NEW! Freshcare and HARPS Combined Resources – now available!

INDUSTRY ANNOUNCEMENT Freshcare and HARPS Shared Resources: Successfully Piloted and Ready for Growers & Supply Chain Businesses.

Freshcare Certified businesses that also have a requirement for approval to the Harmonised Australia Retailer Scheme (HARPS) can now benefit from a single user-friendly resource that incorporates both standards. Growers and supply chain businesses can benefit from these forms starting today. Click here to learn more.

Support available for Version 2.0

In addition to the Guidance embedded within the new standard, a range of supporting documentation and material has been developed. The following tools and training will be available to support your businesses transition to Version 2.0:

  • HARPS Version 1.0 – 2.0 Summary of Changes (document);
  • Version 2.0 Internal Audit (document that replaces the HARPS Pre-Assessment document);
  • Transition Training online (short videos to support understanding, as an alternative to using HARPS Version 1.0 – 2.0 Summary of Changes;
  • HARPS and Freshcare Internal Audit (document that covers the additional requirements of HARPS for suppliers on FSQ4.2 and SC2).

As always, you can contact us via the HARPS Website by filling in an enquiry form or contact the HARPS Helpline.

The document library on the HARPS website has been updated with a host of new documents to help support your business transitioning to Version 2.0.

Which Certification Body can I choose from?

Did you know that there are seven Certification Bodies that can audit against the HARPS Standard? Under the HARPS Scheme Rules – Certification Body Matrix, available here, you can access the Certification Bodies that are permitted to audit your business.

For Tier 1 Suppliers, the HARPS retailer makes the decision for which Certification Bodies are approved.

For Tier 2 Suppliers, the Certification Body must be approved to conduct the audit for your chosen GFSI standard. For Tier 2 suppliers to Costco, please take note of the additional rules as shown below.

Contact details are also available in this document, see below.

Certification Body Contact Details
ACO Certification LTD Kate Allan
07 3350 5706

Ruwi Jayasuriya
07 3350 5706
AUS-QUAL Jacinta Fong
0427 361 316
BSI Trent Bartlett
02 8877 7151
0414 552 271
Mérieux NutriSciences Annmarie Schwanke
0403 925 441
Intertek SAI Global Amol Karambelkar
03 8669 2348
0427 459 805
SCI QUAL International Leanne Svenson
07 5499 3377

Jody Grunberger
07 5499 3377

Marnie Davies
07 5499 3377
SGS David Williams
0455 561 775

Jason Zhou
0428 775 831

If you need any assistance to help identify the Certification Bodies authorised to audit your business for HARPS, please contact us on the HARPS Helpline at 1300 852 219 or complete a HARPS enquiry form.